CHALLENGE application

Complete and submit your application.

Pitch Video (Optional):

Please follow these pitch video guidelines:

  • Keep videos 90 seconds or less
  • Video explaining and/or showcasing the solution

Challenge scope:

Concepts should offer a solution in the form of tools, applications, resources, and/or services that help emerging creatives and entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Solutions may focus on a brand new single tool, resource, or service, or suggest a suite of tools. In addition, solutions may build off of existing technologies or an enhanced version(s).

Plans may leverage ideas from industries other than credit cards and finance. Strategic online and technical partnerships are allowed.

The primary focus of the plan should go beyond social networking and collective purchasing power.

Concept Criteria:

  • Concepts Originality
  • Value Proposition
  • Unique Competitive Advantage
  • Bottom Line Results
  • Feasibility
  • Team Presentation

Grand Prize:

The Grand Prize winner will walk away with:

  • $10,000

Companies and/or entrepreneurs we are considering should:

  • Have earned less than $100,000 in gross revenue in the last year.
  • Be founded in the last 5 years.
  • Be from U.S. and Canada
  • Be results focused
  • Be Accessible (equitable and universal)
  • Be high quality credentials at different levels
  • Be transparent and ethical

We are not considering:

  • Network marketing or multi-level marketing companies
  • Weapons and/or Firearms companies
  • Biotech and/or genetics companies
  • Companies that are not in good-standing w/IRS