January 13th, 2024

9:15 am

Young Visionaries: Leading the Charge – Next-Gen Executives Under 30

Panel Objective / Aim: Hear from young executives who are making a difference and making a change.


Cornell Mapp, CEO of Hot 10 Music Group

Aliyah Terry, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Hot 10 Music Group

Bilal Issifou, Founder of UNCHAINED INC

Alston Pough, Founder of D.Verse Connect

Moderated by:

Christian”CDK” Kornegay, Hip-Hop Radio Personality & Charlotte Hornets G League Arena Host.

10:00 am

Crafting Global Brilliance: A Blueprint for Building a Brand from Scratch Scratch

Panel Objective / Aim: Explore the challenges and best practices of building a global brand.


Andre Powell, Founder of Goldsainte & Charlotte’s Youngest Franchise Owner with the Largest Franchises of Jimmy John’s

Freddy Cameron, MBA, Senior Director Retail at Cookies

JD Anderson, Marketing & Digital Expert

Dr. Ariel Ellis, Author, Executive Coach & Wells Fargo Endowed Chair/Distinguished Professor of Public Relations at NCCU

Moderated by:

Nathan McCartney, Founder of The Bag

11:15 am

Strategic Content Mastery: Positioning for SuccessSuccess

Panel Objective / Aim: Learn best practices for developing high quality content that expands your brand.


AC The Plug, Head of Content at The Shade Room

Ray Daniels, Founder & CEO at The Gauds Show

Keith Dorsey, Founder & CEO of YOUNGGUNS Ent. and Founder and Manager of Collab Crib/ Collab Studios Atl.

Moderated by:

Emmanuel The Merchant, Director of Community Growth and Monetization at WinsFlow

2:00 pm

Sonic Shifts: Navigating the Evolution from Analog to A.I. in Musicto A.I.

Panel Objective / Aim: A discussion on the impact of A.I. in the Entertainment Industry.


Dave Melhado, VP of Music & Marketing at United Masters

Uwonda Carter, Founding Partner Carter + Woodard

Bugus, Diamond Records Founder

Orlando McGhee, Head of Urban at ONErpm

Moderated by:

Nathan McCartney, Founder of The Bag

3:00 pm

Major Moves: Unleashing The Power in Discovering, Developing, and Marketing Artists

Panel Objective / Aim: Discover how major labels discover, incubate and market their artist.


Juliette Jones, COO, Alamo Records

Ezekiel Lewis, President, Epic Records

Ivy Rivera, Lifestyle Specialist

Moderated by:

Benny Pough, Founder & CEO, It’s Your Time Conference

4:00 pm

Indie Mindset, Major Results feat. LaRussell

Panel Objective / Aim: Discover how to win big as an independent artist or pursue a path to the major labels.


LaRussell, Founder of Good Compenny Record Label

Steve-O Carless, President of A&R Warner Brothers Records

Live Performance by LaRussell


January 14th, 2024

9:00 am

Harmony of the Soul: Exploring the Interplay of Culture, Music, and Spirituality

Panel Objective / Aim: Explore the connection between Culture, Music, and Spirituality.


Tawanda Burrell, Executive Assistant at Spotify & Pastor

Tracey Waples, Founder & Lead Strategist for DNA Creative

June Archer, Author, Speaker, Music Executive

Moderated by:

 Azim Rashid, Music Executive & Marketing Strategist

10:00 am

Soundwaves Amplified: Crafting Strategies for Marketing Music Across Broadcast and Digital Platforms

Panel Objective / Aim: Panel Objective / Aim: Understand how to create, amplify, and market music in today’s market.


Josh “J1” Raiford, VP of Music Programing at Pandora

Steve Hegwood, CEO & President of Core Communicators Broadcasting

Jeff “Uzi D” Anderson, Operations Manager at Radio One

Moderated by:

Azim Rashid, Music Executive & Marketing Strategist

11:15 am

The She Suite: Navigating the Unwritten Rule

Panel Objective / Aim: Gain perspectives from female leaders thriving in business.


Monique Douglas, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Collective | Co-Owner of CBK Branding & Consulting Firm & Society at 229 | Founder of Grooming Greatness (501c3)

Dominique Casmir, Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

Monica Barnes, Executive Producer, Steve Harvey Morning Show

Serita Wesley, Award-winning Entertainment and Marketing Industry Veteran

Michelle RichBurg, CEO of Richburg Enterprises, Wealth Management

Moderated by:

Kimberly S. Reed, Award Winning Diversity, Equality, Inclusion & Belonging Executive and Advisor, Speaker and Best Selling Author

2:00 pm

Inclusive Triumphs: Unveiling the Blueprint for Building Minority Businesses in Underserved Markets

Panel Objective / Aim: This Master Class explores strategies for overcoming various challenges and how to maximize your efforts when operating in underserved markets.


Ernest Strickland, President/CEO of the Black Business Association of Memphis

2:40 pm

Changemakers Unleashed: Transforming Inspiration into Lasting Impact

Panel Objective / Aim: How to maximize your gift and mobilize people.


DJ Chuck T, Premiere Music Executive

Ty C, Social Engineer

Klassik, CEO of Fleet DJs

Dennis Reed Jr., Ceo of Inspire The Fire and Co-Founder the Sainted Trap Choir

ReeCee Raps, Artist, Curator, Content Creator

Moderated by:

No Limit Larry, Host of The No Limit Larry and Maddhouse Morning Show

3:30 pm

Fireside Chat with Doc Wynter

Panel Objective / Aim: An inside conversation with thought leader and iHeartMedia, President of Hip-Hop & R&B Programing, about the current state of broadcasting, music, and culture.


Doc Wynter

Moderated by:

Benny Pough, Founder & CEO of It’s Your Time Conference

4:30 pm

The Grand Finale: Illuminating the Future Beat of Music, Leadership, and the Power of Betting on Yourself with Benny Pough, Founder, It's Your Time Conference.

Closing Keynote


Benny Pough, Founder & CEO of It’s Your Time Conference